Monday, April 19, 2010

The Importance of Knowing a Baby’s Development

Love it when there's a baby. The tiny tots are real stress relievers although it can be hard to wake up in the middle of the night in every cry they give. Yup! Taking care of kids, especially during their infant stage can really be hard work and is definitely not a joking matter. However seeing their development and guiding them in the process is appreciating God's work. Their smiles are like the light in the darkness and your child's happiness is the perfect reward for a parent’s hardship.

There are many things that parents must understand to give their kids the best attention they need. The earlier years are considered as the most crucial time. Learning during this stage needs guidance from everything that their sensory feels. Baby milestones like head control to rolling over to griping, sitting and crawling, are definitely something great to watch and at times parents take videos to keep as mementos.

There are things parents should watch out.
1. Physical development
2. Social development
3. Brain development


Physical development is encouraged in order to improve skills in coordination, control and manipulation and movement. It is a must that children be supported for them to understand more about the connection of the world to their body. This will give them a good insight about the importance of their physical activities and choices that may lead to their good health.

There are certain aspects to Physical Development:

1. Movement and Space- which is concern on how children learn movements with confidence, their imagination and their caution from themselves and those around them.
2. Health and Body Awareness-this is concern with kids learning the importance of good health and how they can contribute to taking care of their very own health.
3. Using of Equipment and Materials - it is how kids learn about the usage and how to handle objects of different sizes.


Social Development is about the way a child interacts with his environment--the people around him and how he deals with activities like what the result would be in everything he hears and sees.

The most common topic when it comes to the discussion of this aspect in a child's growth is finding a playgroup.

Playgroups are perfect in helping children to learn more about them and harnessing their abilities when it comes to interacting with the people around them. They must go with their age groups. one benefit is that they'll be able to learn how to deal gaining friends (adjusting to social differences), working with a group (teamwork),and being able to express themselves more effectively especially in terms of emotions. It is best that as early as they are still babies or while the mommy is pregnant, that the family does their own tenant screening to see other moms with kids that may be great playmates for their babe.


Brain development is one important aspect in man's growth. Knowledge is power and our rational thinking is considered as an important aspect that defines us.

Background screening shows that the first three years of human life is considered as a critical stage for emotional and intellectual growth. It is in these years that 75 percent of brain growth is completed. development of the said factors are said to manifest during 4th grade and however whatever she learns from earlier years affects the child still. Here are things to consider why this is important in his development.

• A child who is usually read to has a higher chance of becoming a reader.
• If curiosity is encouraged he has a better chance of becoming a lifetime learner.
• If he has been nurtured with stress around him this might result to him becoming violent.


There are more things to consider to fully giving the right attention the child needs. While they are still within the womb it is best to take care of them already, plus do background check on things that may affect his growth once he enters the world—these matter. Remember that a fetus is not part of the mother's body but has his own identity.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Traits That Should Be Admired And Developed By A Person

I’ve always seen myself as someone who should not dare fail. Firstly I was raised with the belief that I can do anything that I set my mind into; secondly I came from a family who takes high regards of themselves (mom and dad side); and thirdly I believe that if a person starts one act wrongly and doesn’t correct it immediately it will definitely be repeated over and over again till it reaches the point when it becomes too much or worst: it is for these reasons that I have focused more on a person’s positive trait or his (or her) way of dealing with their mistakes when it comes to dealing with friends or that search for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Clearing things up: I am not choosy, just into particulars; Friends are people who may differ or not from us but has accepted us no matter what and love is something that helps us make the impossibility of changing for the better happen. I have always believed that when it comes to being influenced it is either you change for the better or for the worst and when checking to friendship better knock yourself out giving yourself chance to be influenced by their good trait and correct their mistakes. It’s a give and take relationship that you have also a share in influencing them while they help you grow by correcting your mistake. And as for me and my dare not to fail, well, failure is but a matter of not being able to accept a shortcoming and go worst because of it plus not being able to set a goal for oneself and try to meet them as much as possible; failure is that one part which meant believing that you can’t make a difference and not being able to show the world that you can be the best you (without stepping on someone else) even during background business screening.

To give yourself a chance to be “the best you can be” here are traits a person must develop (and be influenced with by the people around you).

1. Humility. There was once a guy in class that I really liked (back in college). He was smart as he was also appealing, unfortunately he is boastful. It was because of this trait that made me, at one time, have second thoughts about him when he started giving hints that he liked me (girl’s also have that super radar boys—better prepare). This trait came into view during several instances when he was being corrected of an error yet he continuous to show off. It wasn’t long when he seem to back off and I heard news from a common friend that he liked someone but he didn’t dare court her for fear of rejection. In addition he also told our friend the reason why he thought of that: “she doesn’t like boastful guys” he told her.

People, that H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y actually means admitting one’s fault and sharing one’s strength. When I heard what he said—him admitting his weakness—I saw him differently: he changed.

2. Strong faith. I never really quite get it with regards to people who shift to another religion for the sake of “having a stronger faith”. There may be nothing wrong with changing religion in as much as there is also nothing wrong with staying with the religion a person has grown up with. There was a time however when I thought differently about this concept and accepted the fact that other religion may have stronger faith in God (I am Catholic) until I came across a friend.

He was an acolyte (altar boy) during his high school years. We first met during college years and the way he talks and act speaks of his strong faith. Honestly things got more interesting for me and he inspired me to see that it is up to a person how he can give himself to the Lord by his deeds and by his thoughts.

A dear friend, faith is believing what is yet to be seen and this friend saw the beauty in things may they be good or bad. He has faith that God will definitely turn things around for everybody’s good.

3. Genuineness. Everybody has a hard time in being who they truly are. However many who do also has wrong concepts on this thing. I have this friend who does this perfectly well and has helped me see that being honest sometimes though it may hurt people is the best thing that a person can do for others. You just have to be you without stepping at other people. That’s the right thing to do.

These are but three of the best trait that a person can learn from someone (like I did). Go for this trait with respect and it will equal not just praises but respect. There are still many things to learn and the best way to do this is to go one step at a time primarily by accepting criticisms and loving life. But if you want to make sure, a background check will let you know some information you need.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Advance People Search Infected with AIDS

An advance people search is being done by various organizations around the world regarding people with AIDS. Lectures in offices, schools and other places that may easily get attention are conducted just for the purpose of saving millions of lives from getting infected. “Saving lives” this is what it’s all about like all disease researches ever conducted. Most important in this mission is to inform, especially the youth, with today’s era where they get themselves involve in many acts without knowing the consequences (or not adhering to realizing it out of rebelliousness).

There is no telling when and how it will hit. There are even times when we are not even sure who among our crowd is infected (or if they also know they are). Chances are the person next by has it. But how can that be transferred is a question which may at times lead to discriminate a person. It has happened before and getting the ignorance continued will make it happen again.

Forums about AIDS are done by first lecturing about safe sex in schools. Yes, sex. It is the top way to infect a person. How? Semen or wounds— the AIDS virus is transferred directly meaning it travels through the blood stream. It kills white blood cells, the body’s immunity, making a person infected to other ailments. Being aware how it works in the body, not to mention how it can infect, can stop the multiplying of persons positive with it. But how will a person known if he’s infected or not?

It takes six months before the symptoms come out. That’s how dangerous it is. There is a chance for a person to get infected or to infect (if he already has it) without knowing of it. Sex is not the only way to have it transferred. Worst case scenario is for a person to have it just through contact by open wounds or blood transfusion. Sharing an injection is another way. Mere shaking of hands or hugging is not a way to be infected by it. There’s great discrimination going on because of ignorance when it comes to AIDS, as if just by saying “hi” is deadly.

Detecting a person who has AIDS is a serious matter that various organizations around the globe go out of their way, volunteering just to give information regarding it. During their lectures they seek out who among the group has gotten it by keen observation. At times, victims submit themselves to go for testing just to check if they’re positive or not. Usually when a person is found to be infected, a background check is done to see if there were incidents where he could have transferred it while unaware of his condition. Sex partners are usually the first one checked. Whom did he have an intercourse within those six months before the first symptoms appeared? Did he use condoms? With these queries and more, an advance people search is done to locate the said partner to check him as well.

Weakness: the first sign of a person with aids is unexplained weakness. If a person feels this all over his body without explanation as to why (reasons such as flu, too much exercise and many more), then it is time to have it checked. Going positive in the exam is something that means being careful and responsible in everything; from connecting with people personally, disposing of stuff, preventing from getting wounded and proper disposal of condoms. The latter, however, has a flaw according to recent study.

An experiment was conducted to couples asking them to use condoms; 1 out of 10 got the woman pregnant. If this experiment got a girl pregnant, how much more can an AIDS virus inflict someone’s life if it’s much smaller than a sperm?

Confidentiality is given to persons with AIDS. Still there are those who come out to reach out the lessons of how they lived their lives after finding out of their condition. This is no sick joke, frankly speaking. Being aware and responsible with every action is a must. There are no second chances once infected plus the burden it can be brought to one’s family is a much greater torment. This is one illness that can surely kill.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What if: Background Check and Superman

It’s time to use a little imagination.

Today’s world is faced with many issues that concerns trust, crimes, and emotions. We are constantly assailed with issues with what to believe: the established fact or that which we think as fact. It is, therefore, inevitable for us to formulate strategists to ensure ourselves of our best interest. Background check on the people we deal with seems to be the best way to determine whether the agreements we enter won’t lead us into treachery; are they really who they claim they are?—and then a thought—are they more than who they claim they are?

This is real life, and comic books and fairy stories are all magical and psychedelic which we, at times, wish were true. But for one moment just stop and think: with all the advantage given to us by the internet—investigating one’s identity or true intension done via background check services—would it be possible for us to figure out the secret lying behind the “S”?

This may seem funny but just think about it—Superman’s secret identity: will chances in figuring out be bigger on who is the man with an “S” on his chest? Some may find it stupid just to talk about it but what if…? If the fictions we know were true, is there a possibility that there may be a more advanced research team doing background check? Or do these online services enough to help us figure the whole mystery? Television may bring Clark Kent to the present we all know but the way his identity is kept, even the people that don’t suspect something “special” in his case, are all as what the original scripts dictates.

Among the mysteries which revolves in stories that many try to check out are those that are considered dark. They are creatures that cause nightmares: blood sucking vampires and large hairy werewolves, and ever since Twilight came to the bookstores, especially on the big screens, interests in these folklore creatures became more heightened. They are not scary anymore like what we once believe in; they are more of a fantasy. The crazy thing is instant people search are done to check if they are more real than ever before. It is fascinating, though, that after these fanatic daydreaming and wishful thinking there are people who do claim they are vampires. They have been guests at Tyra and even got featured in Discovery.

Imagination can go crazy at times, but with occurrences where they do become real—although not in a way we really want them to be—what are the chances we might uncover a Superman-like guy being real? Just imagine……

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleeping Lion Adventure Part 1

March 28, 2009, 7:00 am - Saturday. After work hours, me and my friends decided to again have another adventure again. This time, the destination was the sleeping lion or the locals there call the "dalagang susu". It was a tiring experience but all was very satisfying especially if you reach the top. The scenery was stunning as you can see the whole city of legazpi.

Going up to the second tip of the mountain.

A picture from the first tip.

Running down from the first hill.

A pose, great for desktop wallpaper.

Another wallpaper pose.

Go Green.....

A pose for Earth day...


Wallpaper pose with the city of legazpi on the background.

Another peace sign....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The TIWI Adventure Part 2....

For the continuation of our tiwi adventure, the following images are taken at the same date but with different styles.

Go Green Motorcycle....

Outside DJC Halo-halo part1...

Outside DJC Halo-halo part2...

Outside DJC Halo-halo part3..

Outside DJC Halo-halo part4...

The famous DJC Halo-halo in the flesh...

The famous DJC Halo-halo in the flesh 2...

Inside DJC halo-halo 1...

Inside DJC halo-halo 2...

Inside DJC halo-halo 3...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The TIWI Adventure....

Last month, after work, me and my friends had a long ride from legazpi to tiwi with our bykes. Yes friends, only our bykes (motorcycle). The experience is not only exhilarating but it is also fun. Aside from looking at the wide farm lands beside the road, you can also see lots of beautiful ladies along the way. Yes, cute girls walking on the street side. This just a proof that bicolandia is a land of beautiful, "mestisa" girls. But sorry guys, I dont have any pictures of the beautiful ladies. Just us cruising around....

The entrance to the municipality of tiwi where the famous Cathedral could be found. DJC halo-halo is situated here.

A picture of me with the arch going to tiwi.
Alexander Osias

Jhon Ronell AraƱa

Jethro Laviste

Salvador Daet Jr.

Another shot with the arc...

And now, eating time at DJC Halo-halo...

Inside the famous DJC Halo-halo...

On the counter... Still at DJC Halo-halo...

Far view capturing all the tables and seats. This was at around 11 am.